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In the skill leveling dungeon I cleared the light attribute monsters. I'm wondering do I have to clear all of them to get something from it?
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• 12/5/2018
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• 8/17/2018


Hi i'm Hulkbuster
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• 8/7/2018


This app looks dead and worthless. Please tell me otherwise
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• 7/12/2018

How does rows damage work exactly?

As in what is the multiplier for triggering it and how many times can I trigger each?

Like does 3 rows equal x3 of said multiplier? so a full screen of one color orb will trigger 6 rows?
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• 7/9/2018
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• 6/29/2018

Mtg colab

Magic the gathering colab was a big disappointment. I've played mtg since the 80s , and the cards from this colab could have been way better. Throw some moxes in there along with some elves or something. The machine monsters could have had an awsome black or green leader for a change of pace.
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• 3/18/2018

Bradley's Sabers

What do I do with this unit from the Fullmetal Alchemist dungeon?
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• 3/6/2018

Does anyone play PADZ?

The 3DS game? Just to know. SMB Edition also works.
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• 2/11/2018


Anyone here
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• 12/24/2017


What does an Enhancer enhance or do?
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• 11/13/2017

Looking for gift exchange partner/best friend selection.

Please only send request if you plan on playing pretty frequently and have a decent leader.
ID: 303535457. Red Dragon Caller, Sonia lead.
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• 11/24/2017

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• 7/29/2017

Gift exchange lvl 106 add me

I need someone to exchange with
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• 5/31/2017

Marv Red Dragon Sonia as leader .. add me for pal points 328921489

Looking to up my friends list with frequent players .. thanks
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• 7/8/2016

Been Playing for a year...NO idea what I'm doing. Need help!!! URGENT!!! :((

HELP! I have no idea what I'm doing :( Currently rank 78 with 55 stamina and 85 cost. It be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me with team comp ideas, dungeons I should farm for things like lilith, things I should upgrade, etc.
Here's my team: 
Firedragon Tyrannos(almost ulted)LV96 
Blazing Maiden Princess Valkyrie(dark)LV 33
Green knight, Delgado LV 39
Unicorn Rider LV 30
Crystal Aurora Dragon LV 53
Rest of monsters:
Keeper of Gold
Lovely Maiden, Princess Valkyrie(water) LV 14
Black FLying Sorceress, Goetia LV 12
Phoenix Resurrected LV 11 
Saintly Ocean Newlywed, Ruka LV4
Double-Edged Blade Brave, Claymore LV 22
Avalon Drake LV 11
Green Sky Fruit, Melon Dragon LV 30
Evil Knight, Creuse(useless? or something?)
Jester Wizard , CHester LV6
Hattori Hanzo LV 12
Miracle Heroine, Cinderella LV 4
Drama Club's Heroine, Cinderella LV 5
Shining Dragon Swordsman LV 30
Grape Dragon
Gamble Mage LV MAX
(Ice ogre lv 26 and Shugen Demon, Shouki. Which should I use for resolve?)
Please help a noob out! :( Do my monsters suck? What should I do :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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• 4/24/2016
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• 4/10/2016
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• 3/4/2016

level 20 gift exchange

rank 26
My ID: 301,500,434
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• 1/31/2016

level 20 gift exchange

my id is: 310,398,397
looking for someone to trade gift exhange with
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