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Meteor Volcano Dragon


The Fire member of the basic resist dragons (aka "Rippers"), this dragon provides a Leader skill that reduces all damage done to you by Fire enemies by 50% and an Active skill that deals 20000 Fire damage to all enemies.

Meteor Volcano Dragon, like all Rippers, is regarded as average or even below-average in general usefulness. A 50% reduction to Fire can, however, pull you through certain Descended dungeons such as The Thief Descended!. Unfortunately, this Leader skill is overshadowed by the Toy Dragons and the first set of Greco-Roman gods, who have members that can provide 50% Fire reduction and 50% reduction to an additional element.

The Active skill is strong for its type, out-damaging starter dragons until far late into their leveling with a much better base cooldown of 15. They also have decent base stats and make good early subs if nothing better is available. Once you get to late-game, however, the utility provided by a 20000 nuke will be drastically reduced, especially when mobs begin to have enough HP to take the hit.

For New Players

All of the Rippers are relatively common from the Pal Egg Machine, and are farmable in their lowest evolution from many easily accessible dungeons. If you have enough other strong monsters, you could easily pass over these dragons, but it doesn't hurt to have one of each color sitting around for certain tough situations or to fill team space.


The Fire resist dragon!

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