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Wood Mech Warrior, Asgard


Earth Golems are kind of the big joke of Godfests, like the PAD equivalent of a whoopie cushion.  The REM is the best place to "farm" them.  (Though they can appear in certain other dungeons such as Keeper of Green, and on very rare occasions from the PAL machine.)

However, even though they look boring, they are essential team members for many burst damage teams due to their extremely high HP and life-saving Active Skill.  Their Active is also easily and reliably skilled to 15 turns by farming Keepers on the Tuesday Dungeon, making them one of the easiest monsters in the game to max skill.

Mech Warrior Asgard in particular is the most popular Golem due to the relative scarcity of outstanding Green subs for a rainbow team.  (The similarly-skilled 136i Susano is another popular green sub on burst teams, for similar reasons.  He has lower HP and a slow growth curve, and therefore requires a lot more XP to become powerful, but has a longer-lasting Active skill.)

For New Players

If you manage to get one of him or his alternate type counterparts, hold onto it,  he'll become useful eventually, and you'll be glad you have it.

(Machine Hera and Machine Zeus love him >.>)


In Norse mythology, Asgard is the realm where the Gods lived.

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