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Sea Devil Kraken


If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a Kraken, your Water team is about to get a big boost! Its Active Skill enhances all Water Orbs on the board to give an additional 6% damage each, which really adds up when combined with blue orb changers like 570i, 692i, and 230i. Its stats aren't shabby either - Water teams tend to be higher in RCV and lower in ATK, with 401i Sea Devil Kraken's Attacker-type stats being just the much-needed opposite.

For New Players

The mythical orb-enhancing beasts are exceedingly rare (estimated 1%) encounters in Legendary/Master ranks of some biweekly dragon dungeons, though the Kraken can also be acquired more "easily" from the Mythical-rank Satan Descended! dungeon. Needless to say, you won't be getting one until you're quite a ways along. Then again, you won't have use for one until you're that far along, either.


A kraken is a legendary sea monster, probably inspired by the giant squid.

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