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Ancient Light Dragon, Laphroaig


Ancient (or "Whiskey") dragons are known primarily for one thing: their powerful, low-cooldown breath weapon nuke. When skilled up to Max, they can drop a 25,000 damage burst attack every 4 rounds.

Stat-wise, Ancient Dragons have a very strong peak, with good all-around stats and some of the best RCV to be found among Dragons. However, their "Late" stat growth curve means it takes several million XP to get to a point where they're better, stat-wise, than the easily-farmed Resist dragons like 211i Meteor Volcano Dragon. While they can be helpful in some situations, like adding explosive offense to a defensive mono-color team, their cost of 60 can be prohibitive even for high-rank players.

For New Players

If you happen to get a lucky drop from any of the Ancient Dragon tri-color dungeons, they're worth hanging onto. However, you may have trouble fitting them into your team with their sky-high team cost. Don't use them as leaders; if their leader skill is the best you have on your team, you should probably re-roll.


All five of the Ancient Dragons are named after famous whiskey distilleries on the Scottish isle of Islay. All five are adorned with barley, befitting their origins. Wikipedia

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