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Flowerdragon Gaia Brachys


The third of the starter dragons you pick at the beginning of the game. When evolved to this point, his Leader Skill becomes the same as that of 373i Freyja, the Goddess of Gaia, 2xATK/2xRCV for Wood, and can be used as a replacement leader if she is not available. As with all the starter dragons, his Active Skill is sub-par and his value as a sub is questionable, but he does become dual-element Wood/Wood, and gains an extra attack at 10% power, marginally useful against high defense/low HP enemies like Masks/Spirits/Metal Dragons. 

For New Players

As with the Fire and Water starter dragons, the unevolved forms of this guy are what you're going to have for a while, but hitting this Ultimate Evo form will require getting decently far into the team-building process, at which point you probably already have an alternate main leader you're running. As such, it's entirely possible to just ignore this guy in favor of a good Rare Egg Machine pull.


One of the three starter dragons! Its design is based on the Brachiosaurus.

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