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Fire Dominion Uriel


Fire Dominion Uriel is one of the most valuable subs a Fire team can pull from the REM.

Fire teams usually lack in RCV (thanks, Gigas...), but Uriel's is very solid. He shares color-typing with red-team fixture 984i Gigas the Great, and his orb change - which produces both fire orbs and hearts - is both offensively and defensively powerful. What's more, his active skill is very easily skilled-up in Mystic Fr. Dragon, where evolved 788i Beast of the Labyrinth, Minotaur drop 100% of the time on Legend difficulty. (Unevolved 787i Minotaur also drop from those dungeons, and can be obtained from the PAL machine, but the XP and evo materials are fairly expensive for a 20% chance at a skill up.)

Uriel's leader skill is 2x HP and RCV for Fire types, much like 520i Snow Globe Dragon Rouge, enabling some impressively tank-y fire teams. This isn't all that useful in the long run due to such a team's tepid offense, but it can make the Expert levels of Wednesday Dungeon and Friday Dungeon very easy. It's usually a better option to pair Uriel with 652i Freyr, the Blazing Swordsman or 889i War Deity of Fury, Ares, if he's one of your main leaders.

Finally, Uriel has some outstanding Awoken skills, featuring both AwokenSkill21 Skill Boost and AwokenSkill22 Enhanced Fire Att. - enough to earn him a valuable place even on skill-intensive 1066i Martial God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru teams.

For New Players

Because of his lack of offensive punch, Uriel is not the best starter, though he's solidly in the "Acceptable" tier. If you pull him as a starter, you should see how you do on your next pull; his leader skill is good enough to get you through some hard content early on, once evolved. He's not capable of handling most higher-tier Descended content, however, and starts to lag mid- to late-game.

Try to make friends with more offensively-oriented Red leaders like 652i, 889i, 1113i, and 1066i.


Uriel is one of the archangels of post-Exilic Rabbinic tradition, as well as certain Christian traditions.

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