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Idunn&Idunna, the Twin Archers


Idunn & Idunna have the same 2x ATK/RCV Leader Skill as 481i Icedragon Depth Plesios, but they're stronger than the starter dragon in every other way. Besides the naturally-higher stats of a God, their Active Skill boosts Water-type attacks by 1.5x for three rounds, giving the potential for up to three big bursts of damage. Their double AwokenSkill23 Awoken Skills can push Water damage even higher.

Idunn & Idunna are best partnered with a 570i Commerce Deity Hermes friend for a mighty 2/4/2 HP/ATK/RCV combo, though depending on the situation, they may also seek out 239i Fortune Deity Lakshmi, 623i Water Dominion Gabriel, or 521i Snow Globe Dragon Bleu for more defense. Ideal subs are Water-type orb changers such as 202i, 692i, and 230i to take advantage of the Water Enhancement burst, as well as more advanced heavyweights like 401i, 597i, and 135i.

Note that although Ultimate-Evolved 653i Idunn&Idunna, the Twin Archers's Leader Skill applies to Balanced types and not just blue monsters, it's not very useful because the game's "designated attribute" for Balanced types is Wood, as evidenced by 693i and 686i, plus her own Active Skill only boosts Water. Even so, keep this flexibility in mind for unique situations.

For New Players

A mono-color team is not quite as powerful as teams led by attack multiplier superstars like 491i and 566i, but it can still carry you through a majority of the game's content and help you get your hands on other strong monsters. Idunn & Idunna are arguably the best mono-blue team leader(s) out there, so you should not hesitate to start with them, though keep in mind that you'll eventually want to have a variety of teams and not focus solely on Water-type monsters.


Idunn (Iðunn) is the Norse goddess of spring and youth. Her primary role in the Norse pantheon is as the keeper of the Golden Apples that grant the gods their eternal youth. "Idunna" is an alternate name; there is no separate twin goddess. She also has no apparent connection to archery - Vidar, the Norse god of hunting, would be the logical place to go for THAT. Wikipedia

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