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Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie

Please also see the guide for 1727i Divine Law Goddess, Valkyrie Rose.


As a Heartbreaker (converting Heart Orbs into attacking Orbs), Valkyrie has a valued spot on many teams, particularly since her Active Skill can be easily skilled-up to a 5-round cooldown from Poring Tower. Since the introduction of her Ultimate Evolution, 694i Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie has become a popular leader as well due to Healer types having good Active Skills and RCV. A 9x Rose Valk team with a 687i King Shynee can tackle even Descended dungeons; just look out for a Healer team's naturally low HP.

Notable subs:

For New Players

Valkyrie is in a strange spot where she's a good roll... if you get her on any pull but your first. This is due to the fact that she becomes a good leader only after a lot of EXP and rare Evolution Materials, as well as the fact that good Healer team members require some luck/time to get, so you'll want another good leader to cover for you until she comes into her own. Nonetheless, due to how difficult she is to get outside of the REM, you can consider yourself lucky if you pull her.


In Norse mythology, valkyries are female angelic figures who guide slain warriors to Valhalla.

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