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Fire Serpent God, Hino Kagutsuchi


Ultimate-evolved Dark Kagutsuchi has an extremely high ATK value and is an Attacker type monster, making him a valuable sub for 1232i Conquering Martial Deity, Cao Cao and 643i Hand of the Dark God, Metatron. A high-level Kagutsuchi is the ultimate trash-farming leader, and will earn you a ton of Pal Points on Thursdays from people looking to quickly harvest Dragon Plants.

For New Players

If you pull Kagutsuchi as a starter, you should reroll. His Leader Skill is nearly useless against high-HP enemies, actually useless against high-defense enemies, and his Active Skill is nothing special. However, using him as a leader lets you blow through the first early dungeons, so you could try that and see if you get lucky with your next few REM rolls.


Kagutsuchi was the Japanese god of fire, and the child of Izanagi and Izanami. After giving birth to Kagutsuchi, Izanami died from burns, causing Izanagi to strike off his head in a rage. Wikipedia

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