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Goddess of Rice Fields, Kushinada


At first glance, Kushinada-hime seems to be weaker than heavyweight multiplier gods like 491i Flame Deity, Falcon Horus and 493i Water Deity, Holy Isis, but her true strength lies in her amazing flexibility.

  • Much like 888i Feline Deity of Harmony, Bastet, her teammates can be freely adjusted according to dungeon strengths and weaknesses, and she can partner up with a large number of combo- or color-multiplier friends.
  • She allows you to charge skills more easily than 491i by making small combos and stalling on mobs.
  • Unlike other combo leaders like 527i Ultimate Ranger or 499i Hell Deity, Jackal Anubis, her leader skill is not all-or-nothing, so you can still do a good chunk of damage even if you don't reach the max.
  • Unlike Egyptian and Chinese rainbow teams, she won't have the problem of being starved for the right color Orbs.
  • If you do reach a 3x or 4x multiplier, you'll do more damage than activating 493i or 491i due to having made more combos.
  • If you get lucky, you'll outdo even 752i or 497i's ATK multipliers!

It takes a decent amount of skill (and/or luck) to take Kushinada to Descended-level dungeons, but with the right subs (such as 990i Nocturne Chanter, Tsukuyomi), she can handle just about anything. Try her out in tri-color dungeons!

For New Players

Kushinada is a very good starter, because she'll train you to become a better orb-matcher as you progress through increasingly difficult dungeons, and she'll be helpful no matter what other monsters you end up with. Her Active Skill is also a valuable lifesaver in many situations. However, in the end game she generally falls behind more reliable high-damage multiplier gods, because it's difficult to activate her consistently.


In Japanese legend, Kushinada-hime was set to be a sacrifice to the eight-headed serpent Orochi, until the god Susanoo came along and slayed Orochi by getting it drunk on sake. Kushinada married Susanoo and gave birth to Ookuninushi.

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