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Top Droidragon


As of the US version 5.4, Droidragon was a "trophy" monster. His main purpose was to take up room so that you will pay GungHo for more box space. In theory, he could see use on a Dragon or Physical team, but his ATK is so miserable, probably not. He does have pretty good RCV for a Physical type, though. Although his Active skill is functionally identical to 691i Heavy Infantry Hobgoblin and 228i Mastering, it can't be skilled lower than 10 rounds and likewise can't be used to skill them up.

...And that was the end of the story. But not anymore. In order to teach us a valuable lesson about saving our worthless trophy monsters, Droidragon got an Ultimate Evo. Everyone who doesn't have 236i Shiva will want one for his incredible defense-penetrating active ability. He is now an actually-useful sub for Wood, Water, or Physical teams, depending on the dungeon.

What's more, Top Droidragon now has a bevy of incredibly useful Awoken Skills (coming soon to the US version). When fully awoken, he gives a 60% base resistance to most of the worst tricks Descended enemies pull, making him a very interesting sub on Descend teams, especially those led by 1218i Kirin of the Sacred Gleam, Sakuya.

For New Players

Absolutely run his dungeon if it comes around. Not only is it a free Magic Stone, but once you can Ultimate Evo him, he will be invaluable for any dungeon with High Defense/Low HP monsters, up to and including Super Kings. He'll be a great tool to keep in your toolbox; you won't want him for every dungeon, but when you need him, he'll be there.


Google's Android operating system is used on more mobile devices than any other, worldwide. Puzzdroid and Droidragon are designed to look like the system's logo. Wikipedia

The blue icons to Top Droidragon's sides represent Top Developers on the Google Play store, hence his name.

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