Dungeon Data Sample Teams

Below are sample teams that have successfully conquered this dungeon. You are welcome to share your own teams and tips here. (Use the Team Builder tool if you need help creating the wiki code.)


5.4 494i598i566i201i491i498i ~13000 Just blow everything up with 25x. Use 201i at boss just in case (max skilled).
5.2.1 570i202i692i597i230i653i 26000~ Standard 2/4/2 mono-water, avg. lv60+. Use skills to one-shot Pyro Demon. The rest are easy; you won't get bound even though water is weak to wood. And it takes only about 15 minutes per round because i'ts tri-color.
5.2.1 629i190i321i576i202i629i 50000+ Ultimate grind team. You basically can't die with high RCV and Siren. 576i converts orbs for output at mobs, may be substituted with 516i. Use gravity and Morning Stars at 5/9/10F.
5.2.1 635i318i202i491i475i635i 24000~ That's me with that team in Master. I switched out Mechdragon and leveled this one up a bit. Kill the Taur Demon first at 5F. Avoid using mass attack or risk getting multi-hit after <35%. Taur Demon binds at around 30%-50%. Pop Asgard and Astaroth if your HP got below 50%. Then just do whatever for the rest.
5.2.1 213i693i692i?i?i499i 10000+ 10x wood-resist team, average level only 40, none are skilled. Note that the Pyro Demon must be killed in one turn. Recommended to charge up Siegfried's skill beforehand, and blow him up with 10x. Everything is safe after that. Recommended to use two strong fire monsters (e.g. Goemon) for faster clear.
5.2.1 629i631i634i088i202i629i 25000~ I used 088i for team cost reasons. Both 631i and 634i benefit from 629i's leader skill because of dark subtype, and with 202i (not skilled) it's even safer. Level 72/80 for 629i, sub average lv20+. Use 088i at 5F before killing one with both 629i. At 9F, grind until boss is at low health, then nuke with 629i. Grind at boss, use 631i634i629i whenever ready, and use 202i if you're hosed with heal orbs.
5.2.1 652i491i201i229i512i568i 30000~ Kill 196i first so you don't get bound. Have 229i512i ready before 5F and kill 477i in one turn.
At boss, pop 201i568i491i652i skills and OHKO 443i.
5.2.1 499i560i231i654i363i625i 21000+ Faster than the team below. You can use 100x mono-fire if you're not afraid of binds. by Polau
5.2.1 625i560i231i654i363i572i 60000+ Traditional 4/2/2 method. 572i may be subbed with 625i for 4/1/4, though it will be longer. by Polau
5.2.1 654i560i231i443i363i572i 21000+ Since Lagavulin hits for 19512 max, having over 20K HP will do fine. Clear in 15-20 minutes.
5F: Kill 477i first. 572i skill can kill it.
9F: I only used 231i and it was enough for OHKO.
10F: Pop all skills.
by Polau
5.2.1 296i107i658i190i507i629i 17000 May use wood ripper instead for output. (Since it's hard to get stuck with heal orbs, 2x heal match or 7-8 combo can heal back to full) Note: Pop 190i at 5F, then kill Pyro Demon with 629i658i, then just grind on the other Demon. Charge skills until 9F, and pop them all to finish.
5.2.1 522i514i231i482i213i522i 40000~ Because Lagavulin has higher defense, low combos can't do much damage, so orb converters will be vital here. Choose other subs by high HP and ATK if possible. Two 522i leaders means about 1-2 hours of battle; having 241i yourself or from a friend to replace 522i would make it faster.
5.2.1 692i566i491i107i685i692i >17000 Titan max skilled. Kill Demons first if possible. The rest are easy. Charge up Goemon skill>Horus>Bubblie, OHKO boss
5.2.1 629i564i516i397i190i629i 50000~ No tricolor. Just grind.
5.2.1 241i231i318i393i201i241i 28800 Double Parvati, good for both attack and defense. 318i max skilled, friend's 241i max skilled. Charge skills on first four floors, and use Echidna on 5F to kill Taur Demon first. Grind the rest. ADK and Parvati are the main output. Other than leader binds from 5F everyhing else is very safe. Never used Ceres. Boss needs to grind for around half an hour.
5.2.1 480i201i229i692i540i568i >20100 Tyrannos maxed, Echidna lv51, PKH lv14, Sieg lv29, Shingen lv28, friend lv28, high combo 0-stone all the way. Not much problem with healing due to high combos
5.2.1 484i189i190i321i516i629i 29000~ Mono-dark, very safe, just takes time. One-shot Taur on 5F, then heal back and grind on Pyro. Siren isn't hard to beat. Grind boss to death with Hera and Lucifer
5.2.1 635i389i190i634i634i635i 38000+ Endless Astaroth counter team because I pulled 3 of them. Better if replacing Hera/Minerva for Hera-Is/Abyss Neptune. Levels from left to right: 46, 34, 56, 44, 23, 39+, three heal orbs heal for 8300
5.2.1 566i512i512i201i647i566i 28000 Key point is to get to just the right HP at 1F, and then steamroll everything after that. Use orbchanger or Echidna on 5/9F if needed. Echidna and RGGs are better max skilled.
5.2.1 566i201i241i597i693i566i ~18300 I don't have a complete Goemon team so had to go with rainbows. My Goemon is only lvl 74, friend's is maxed, the subs are all 90+ except 693i. 241i may be replaced with 296i(max skilled recommended), mainly used in conjunction with 693i for HP adjustment. Because mobs are weak, 6-7 combos without 25x can still kill them easily, so even if Griffin invades it'll be safe. Sweep 5F with 25x for the first time, second 25x on 9F before boss battle. Gravity on Lagavulin, then at most two fireworks to finish him off. Use 201i if you're worried.
5.2.1 629i189i321i314i202i629i ~25000 314i skills to clear mobs. Kill mid-bosses with bigger skills.
P.S.: you may replace Siren with 413i or 283i to make it quicker if you have the cost and RCV.
P.P.S.: very time-consuming. Don't try this if you have no patience. (About 1 hour/300 turns)
5.2.1 360i321i575i111i201i629i 30000 Ranked about 80, both Thalantos and Vampire 4-star, none are skilled. Use Echidna on 5F before nuking the demons, two for each to kill. Same drill at 9F. At 10F, better nuke at 2CD only and heal in 2 turns. Use RK if you can't heal back in time; at least heal 10K HP. Took 3 hours and 11 nukes at 10F.
5.2.1 635i318i202i491i284i635i 20000~ My Astaroth is 30lv, the subs are all 20lv, Horus 50lv, friend 50lv. The hard part is Chimeras at 5F; have Asgard's skill ready beforehand. With high combo you can't die even with both leaders bound. Never used Siren. Only Asgard is required, the rest can be anything with high HP/RCV. Note that fire types can be bound, don't use mono-fire subs. The rest is just endless grind, takes about 1 hour. This team can pass Legend.
5.2.1 480i201i229i692i540i237i >17000 Tyrannos maxed, Echidna lv51, PKH lv14, Sieg lv29, Shingen lv28, friend lv44, high combo 0-stone all the way. Not much problem with healing due to high combos, friend is only for leader skill
5.2.1 213i107i480i540i202i392i 11370~ Gigas max skilled, Tyrannos maxed level, Siren for RCV. 5F is the most dangerous; it gets safer after killing one Chimera. The rest is just grind and time. ps. this team got invaded twice. Watch out for Griffin's multi-hit, best wait until Gigas's skill is ready for one all-out attack! Good luck~
5.2.1 654i363i321i231i201i393i >14000 Average level about 30, Ceres lvl 60 (may use green ripper), Odin is there for HP, may be subbed with other tanky monsters. Careful with RCV and you can grind through all. Be careful with binds on Ceres, if that happens then use Echidna and RK to get it through. Not much problem for the rest.
5.2.1 237i099i368i353i147i568i >20000 Average level 35, min. 5+, Ares 60+ (35+ or more). As long as you have 6 combo with fire orbs you won't have too much pressure. Charge skills at Alarun, then choose Homura skill. Pop all skills upon entering boss, and make sure boss is down 25-40% HP after two rounds. Then charge Ares and Freyr skills, and grind to ~30% (below 25% and everyone will get bound, and it'll take 1 stone to revive), after all skills are charged use in conjunction with Freyr to take down boss outright)
5.2.1 652i107i491i316i201i568i >21000 Combo is everything. Use Echidna>Ares>Horus>Freyr on 10F, high combo will take the game. If not, grind with rounds.
5.2.1 296i201i540i211i316i237i 16943 No pressure. 0-stone clear. Sweep mobs.
5.2.1 296i231i285i321i201i231i >10000 Half resist + ADK team. Kill order is Demon>Devil>Moltdra. Charging skills on Moltdras will be optimal. The hard part is the two Chimeras on 5F. If they're synced, use Echidna right away and kill one ASAP. If leader(s) get bound, use RK skill and kill one, and wait until binds wear off to kill the other. After 5F 0 stone guaranteed with some caution
PS: Swap 321i out for 318i would be better
5.2.1 241i285i103i184i196i241i 22000~ Charge skills on first four floors. Use 241i, 184i and 196i skills on 5F, and focus attack on one. Afterwards it gets easy. 184i best replaced with Cu, I don't have him so I used 184i
5.2.1 290i231i231i321i201i231i >10000 Modified half resist + ADK team. Use Echidna/RK if both are synced on 5F, and kill one off first. At 10F, grind to 10%, and when fire types are bound for 5 rounds, use RK>ADK skill, Lagavulin will be dead in 4 rounds. 0-stone clear.

Double-resist team is not recommended for Legend difficulty; 475i on 5F and 202i on 9F will be very tough. Double-resist team or 4x-HP team may be used to clear Master difficulty, but you might get killed out of bad luck due to random binds by 267i on 5F.

If the mono-wood levels are high enough, and 2.25x or 2/4/2 team can withstand boss's skills, it'll be faster, but be careful with matching orbs. Damage reduction or delay may be required to hold off the first 3 rounds of 5F.

You can try mono-fire with Master/Legend difficulty if the subs have strong enough attack. The main problem is charging skills. If Menace isn't ready before 5F, 229i and/or 107i should be used to one-shot Chimera/Taur Demon. Keep an eye on HP on 9F. At 10F, Menace with Boss's shield skill should give you 6-8 turns; blast it at will. (Something like 2/4/2 team with Ares+Freyr, average level 50+, and at least max skilled heartbreaker?)

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