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This is the second dual-attribute "Descended Dungeon". It was described by GungHo as a "Fair and square fight!"

Dungeon History

October 14-15, 2013Harvest Festival Event
December 1, 2013A Spectacular Thanksgiving Event
December 25, 2013Merry Christmastide!
January 19, 2014Winter Wonderland
February 9, 2014Weekend Defenders
March 3, 2014Mardi Gras
March 23, 2014St. Patrick's Day

Monster Data

No. 649
Awoken Athena
L. Skill
Can form a mighty 9x Wood God team with 654i, 651i etc. Though her RCV is 0, her ATK is extremely high. A Light God team may be possible as well, but less recommended due to the difficulty of raising Light Gods.

Shining Goddess-Mythical

Stamina 50 Money 17600 (352/Sta)
Dungeon 4 Exp 14121-14496 (286/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

Invade Only when Spirit Jewels invade; exact invade may not be up to date, see Event Schedule for details
754i Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku 8569 1 2016042 310 1329i Lv1
Skill SkillLock Binding Wave Bind Active Skills for 5 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Western Seven-Star Formation Multi-Hit (7) 41986
HP20%↓: 100% chance.
1 512i Red Giant Gigas Skill 1 603125 0 107i Lv5
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Fiiiiiire!! Multi-Hit (3) 99999
Used after a 3 turn countdown.
2 693i Noble Wolf King Hero, Cu Chulainn 6819 1 32 600000 224i Lv5
Skill HelpRcv Fight me with all your strength! Heal 100% of player HP.
Skill DamageTransform Wolf Attack Gem0Gem7 and hit for 4773.
HP50%↑:30% Chance. Used, minimum every other turn.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Whirlwind Barage Multi-Hit (4-6) 6820–10230
HP50%↑:70% Chance
Skill DirectAttack Pitch Black Assassin's Dagger Cut player HP by 99%.
HP49%↓:Used every other turn.
Skill EnemyAttack Finale 8524
HP49%↓:Used every other turn.
3 692i Earth-Rending Emperor, Siegfried Skill 2 2086250 210 222i Lv5
Skill HelpRcv En Garde! Heal 100% of player HP.
Skill NoEffect Strikes an imposing stance Do nothing.
HP100%↑:100% chance
Skill AttackUp King Bubblie ENHANCE! ATK→23250 for 999 turns.
HP99%↓:100% chance
Skill DamageTransform Splash Blade Gem0Gem2 and hit for  (King Bubblie ENHANCE!→16275).
HP50~99%:100% chance
Skill EnemyAttack Dragon-slaying Crimson Blade  (King Bubblie ENHANCE!→20460)
HP49%↓:100% chance
4 648i Athena 9292 1 4197639 1150 648i Lv5
Skill HelpRcv You've done well to make it here. Heal 100% of player HP.
Skill EffectShield Aegis Shield Status effect null for 999 turns.
Used first turn.
Skill DamageTransform Shining Spear Gem0Gem4 and hit for 7434.
HP50%↑:60% chance
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Storm Punisher Multi-Hit (6) 11148
HP15~49%:70% chance
Skill NoEffect The end is nigh! Do nothing.
HP14%↓:100% chance. 1 time max
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Starburst Multi-Hit (10) 92920
HP14%↓:100% chance

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