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Monsters will gain one new Awoken Skill (from left to right) with each successful Awoken Fusion. For more information, see Awoken Skills.

IDMonsterAwoken Skills
004 004i Firedragon Tyrannos AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
008 008i Icedragon Plesios AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
012 012i Flowerdragon Brachys AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
016 016i Sundragon Pterados AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
020 020i Moondragon D'spinas AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
063 063i Samurai Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
065 065i Ice Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
067 067i Armor Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
113 113i Ifrit AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
115 115i Leviathan AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
117 117i Fafnir AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
119 119i Divinegon AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
121 121i Tiamat AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
123 123i War Deity Minerva AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill10
125 125i Sea Deity Neptune AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill10
127 127i Fertility Deity Ceres AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10
129 129i Love Deity Venus AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
131 131i Underlord Hades AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
133 133i Hino Kagutsuchi AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21
135 135i Demon Viper Orochi AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21
137 137i Susano no Mikoto AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10
139 139i Amaterasu Ohkami AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
141 141i Tsuku Yomi AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill19 AwokenSkill19 AwokenSkill28
142 142i Flamedragon Muspelheim AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
143 143i Ice Dragon Niflheim AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
144 144i Isle Dragon Yggdrasil AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
145 145i Mechadragon Valhalla AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
146 146i Evil Dragon Helheim AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
188 188i Awoken Zeus AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill02
190 190i Awoken Hera AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill02
201 201i Empress of Serpents, Echidna AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill02
202 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill09
203 203i Mystical Forest Pixie, Alraune AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill09
204 204i Messenger of God, Archangel AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20
205 205i Witch of the Night, Lilith AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill19
206 206i Mars Light Carbuncle AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21
207 207i Mercury Light Carbuncle AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21
208 208i Earth Light Carbuncle AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21
209 209i Sunlight Carbuncle AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21
210 210i Moonlight Carbuncle AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21
211 211i Meteor Volcano Dragon AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill21
212 212i Crystal Aurora Dragon AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill21
213 213i Graviton Earth Dragon AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill21
214 214i Lightning Holy Dragon AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill21
215 215i Chaos Devil Dragon AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill21
216 216i Red Skydragon, El Dorado AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
217 217i Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
218 218i Wood Skydragon, Horai AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
219 219i Holy Skydragon, Shangri-La AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
220 220i Night Skydragon, Elysion AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
229 229i Phoenix Knight Homura AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill01
230 230i Fenrir Knight Kamui AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill01
231 231i Ancient Dragon Knight AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill01
232 232i Verche, the Knight of the Sky AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill01
233 233i Chaos Dragon Knight AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill01
237 237i Shiva, the Destroyer AwokenSkill19 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill22
239 239i Fortune Deity Lakshmi AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill19
241 241i Parvati, the Golden Goddess AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill09
243 243i Thunderdragon Indra AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill28
245 245i Darkdragon Vritra AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill28
283 283i Fire Mechdragon, Betelgeuse AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
284 284i Ice Mechdragon, Aldebaran AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
285 285i Wind Mechdragon, Canopus AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
286 286i Noble Mechdragon, Regulus AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
287 287i Annihilate Mechdragon, Hadar AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
290 290i Flare Drall AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill10
293 293i Megalodran AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill10
296 296i Fortoytops AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill10
299 299i Angelion AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill10
302 302i Drawn Joker AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill10
310 310i Ice Samurai Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
311 311i Wood Samurai Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
312 312i Blazing Ice Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
313 313i Wood Ice Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
314 314i Flame Armor Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
315 315i Ice Armor Ogre AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
316 316i Flame Mech Warrior, Jotunn AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
317 317i Water Mech Warrior, Midgard AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
318 318i Wood Mech Warrior, Asgard AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
319 319i Machine Golem Mk.III AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
320 320i Dark Golem Mk.III AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
322 322i Blue Flame Ifrit AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
323 323i Green Flame Ifrit AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
324 324i Shining Flame Ifrit AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
325 325i Dark Flame Ifrit AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
326 326i Red Ice Leviathan AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
327 327i Green Ice Leviathan AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
328 328i Shining Ice Leviathan AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
329 329i Dark Ice Leviathan AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
330 330i Red Wood Fafnir AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
331 331i Blue Wood Fafnir AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
332 332i Shining Wood Fafnir AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
333 333i Dark Wood Fafnir AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
334 334i Red Shining Divinegon AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
335 335i Blue Shining Divinegon AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
336 336i Green Shining Divinegon AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
337 337i Dark Shining Divinegon AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
338 338i Blazing Dark Tiamat AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
339 339i Flowing Dark Tiamat AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
340 340i Wooden Dark Tiamat AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
341 341i Lightning Dark Tiamat AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
351 351i Sacred Flame Dragon, Formula AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill03
353 353i Shaitan, the Flame Elemental AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill22
355 355i Undine, the Water Elemental AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill23
357 357i Sylph, the Wind Elemental AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill24
359 359i Genie, the Light Elemental AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill25
361 361i Thanatos, the Dark Elemental AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill26
363 363i Awoken Odin AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill09
365 365i Awoken Deity Odin AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
369 369i Freyr, the God of Victory AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21
371 371i Idunn&Idunna, Twin Goddesses AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21
373 373i Freyja, the Goddess of Gaia AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21
375 375i Thor, the God of Lightning AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21
377 377i Loki, the God of Guile AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21
379 379i Dino Rider Drake AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill24
381 381i Beast Rider Merlin AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill22
383 383i Marine Rider Robin AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill23
385 385i Dragon Rider Arthur AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill26
387 387i Gryps Rider Finn AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill25
388 388i War Deity, Saint Minerva AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill10
389 389i War Deity, Dark Minerva AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill10
390 390i Sea Deity, Heaven Neptune AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill10
391 391i Sea Deity, Abyss Neptune AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill10
392 392i Fertility Deity, Holy Ceres AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10
393 393i Fertility Deity, Evil Ceres AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10
394 394i Love Deity, Cosmos Venus AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
395 395i Love Deity, Chaos Venus AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
396 396i Underlord Arch Hades AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
397 397i Underlord Inferno Hades AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
399 399i Phoenix Resurrected AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
401 401i Sea Devil Kraken AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
403 403i Griffin, the Hunter of Tempests AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
405 405i Unicorn, the Guardian of Saints AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
407 407i Cerberus, the Guardian of Hell AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
408 408i Infernodragon Muspelheim AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
409 409i Glacialdragon Niflheim AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
410 410i Gaiadragon Yggdrasil AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
411 411i Cyberdragon Valhalla AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
412 412i Viciousdragon Helheim AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
413 413i Blue Flamedragon Muspelheim AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
416 416i Mitsuki, the Flame Fox AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20
419 419i Ruka, the Lady of the Sea AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20
422 422i Kano, the Daughter of Nature AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20
425 425i Fuu, the Dancer in the Grasses AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20
428 428i Kurone, the Feline of the Night AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill20
441 441i Ancient Fire Dragon, Ardbeg AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
442 442i Ancient Water Dragon, Bowmore AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
443 443i Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
444 444i Ancient Light Dragon, Laphroaig AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
445 445i Ancient Dark Dragon, Caol-ila AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
475 475i Hellfire Pyro Demon AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill22
476 476i Hellice Frost Demon AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill23
477 477i Hellwind Taur Demon AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill24
478 478i Hellray Harpie Demon AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill25
479 479i Helldark Blood Demon AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill26
480 480i Firedragon Grand Tyrannos AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
481 481i Icedragon Depth Plesios AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
482 482i Flowerdragon Gaia Brachys AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
483 483i Sundragon Sol Pterados AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
484 484i Moondragon Lunar D'spinas AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21
491 491i Flame Deity, Falcon Horus AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill28
493 493i Water Deity, Holy Isis AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill10
495 495i Love Deity, Feline Bastet AwokenSkill13 AwokenSkill19 AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill28
497 497i Sun Deity Ra AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill11
499 499i Hell Deity, Jackal Anubis AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill19 AwokenSkill09
512 512i Red Giant Gigas AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill02
513 513i King Siegfried, Blue Champion AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill02
514 514i More Cu Chulainn, the Hero AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill02
515 515i Princess Valkyrie AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill02
516 516i Duke Vampire Lord AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill02
540 540i Fire Samurai Dragon, Shingen AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
541 541i Water Samurai Dragon, Kenshin AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
542 542i Wood Samurai Dragon, Masamune AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
543 543i Light Samurai Dragon, Hideyoshi AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
544 544i Dark Samurai Dragon, Nobunaga AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
556 556i Flame Shrine Maiden, Chiyome AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21
558 558i Blue Wind Ninja, Hatsume AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21
560 560i Wind Prodigy, Sasuke AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21
562 562i Lightning Storm, Fuma Kotaro AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21
564 564i High Dark Ninja, Hanzo AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21
566 566i Goemon, the Thief AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill14
568 568i War Deity Ares AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill22
570 570i Commerce Deity Hermes AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill23
572 572i Hunting Deity Artemis AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill24
574 574i Solar Deity Apollo AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill21
576 576i Hell Queen Persephone AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill21
597 597i Awoken Hera-Is AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill02
599 599i Awoken Hera-Ur AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill02
621 621i Fire Dominion Uriel AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill09
623 623i Water Dominion Gabriel AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill09
625 625i Wood Dominion Michael AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill09
627 627i Light Dominion Raphael AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill25
629 629i Seraph of Dawn Lucifer AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill28 AwokenSkill09
631 631i Flame Archdemon Belial AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill22
633 633i Blizzard Archdemon Amon AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill23
635 635i Wind Archdemon Astaroth AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill24
637 637i Lightning Archdemon Baal AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill25
639 639i Dark Archdemon Lucifer AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26
641 641i Voice of God, Metatron AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill21
643 643i Hand of the Dark God, Metatron AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill10 AwokenSkill21
647 647i Satan, King of the Underworld AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill26
649 649i Awoken Athena AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill11
651 651i Awoken Zeus-Dios AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill21
652 652i Freyr, the Blazing Swordsman AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21
653 653i Idunn&Idunna, the Twin Archers AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill23 AwokenSkill21
654 654i Freyja, the Fertility Goddess AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill24 AwokenSkill21
655 655i Thor, the Wielder of Mjolnir AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill25 AwokenSkill21
656 656i Loki, the Finisher AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21
657 657i Holy Thunderdragon Indra AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill28
658 658i Evil Darkdragon Vritra AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill26 AwokenSkill28
661 661i Chaos Blizzard Dragon AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill21
683 683i Dragon Lord Zaerog AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02
684 684i King Flamie AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill02
685 685i King Bubblie AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
686 686i King Woodsie AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill01
687 687i King Shynee AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill03
688 688i King Baddie AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill02
689 689i Rowdy Red Samurai Goblin AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill14
690 690i Marine Spec Ops Goblin AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill15
691 691i Heavy Infantry Hobgoblin AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill16
692 692i Earth-Rending Emperor, Siegfried AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill02
693 693i Noble Wolf King Hero, Cu Chulainn AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill02
694 694i Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill02
719 719i Green Skydragon Elysium AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
737 737i Scarlet Stone Dragon, Vermilionyt AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
738 738i Blue Stone Dragon, Mythril AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
739 739i Green Stone Dragon, Adamant AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
740 740i Rainbow Stone Dragon, Orichalcum AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
741 741i Purple Stone Dragon, Damascus AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
744 744i Ancient Draggie Knight AwokenSkill01 AwokenSkill02
746 746i Heavenly Guide Suzaku, Leilan AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill22
748 748i Guardian of Life Seiryuu, Karin AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill23
750 750i Tortoise Mountain Genbu, Meimei AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill24
752 752i Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill12 AwokenSkill11 AwokenSkill28
754 754i Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill26
755 755i Red Dragon God, Hino Kagutsuchi AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21
756 756i Fire Serpent God, Hino Kagutsuchi AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill22 AwokenSkill21
757 757i Scorched Claw Dragon, Flare Drall AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill06 AwokenSkill10
758 758i Drilling Shark Dragon, Megalodran AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill04 AwokenSkill10
759 759i Horned Fort Dragon, Fortoytops AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill05 AwokenSkill10
760 760i Sacred Dragon Beast, Angelion AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill08 AwokenSkill10
761 761i Jester Dragon, Drawn Joker AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill07 AwokenSkill10
772 772i Omega Red Skydragon, El Dorado AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
773 773i Omega Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
774 774i Omega Wood Skydragon, Horai AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
775 775i Omega Holy Skydragon, Shangri-La AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill21
776 776i Omega Night Skydragon, Elysion AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
778 778i Twisted Mountain God, Grand Tengu AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill21
782 782i Mystic Megalith Dragon, Baalbek AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill21
783 783i Mystic Mech Dragon, Antikythera AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill21
784 784i Mystic Painting Dragon, Nazca AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill21
786 786i Mystic Astro Dragon, Nebradisk AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill21
800 800i Goddess of the Art, Ame no Uzume AwokenSkill14 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill09 AwokenSkill22
802 802i Gods of Hunt, Umisachi&Yamasachi AwokenSkill15 AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill27 AwokenSkill11
804 804i Goddess of Rice Fields, Kushinada AwokenSkill16 AwokenSkill20 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill28
806 806i Ancestor of the Gods, Izanagi AwokenSkill17 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill02 AwokenSkill28
808 808i Founder of Nations, Okuninushi AwokenSkill18 AwokenSkill03 AwokenSkill21 AwokenSkill28
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