Skill Type Awoken Skill
Name Enhanced Wood Orbs
Skill Effect Wood Orbs on the board have 20% chance to gain a +. Each matched +Orb will add 6% to attacks of that attribute. Also, each AwokenSkill16 on the team will add 4% damage per Wood combo containing a +Orb.
Monsters with Skill 137i144i218i231i241i285i318i357i410i443i452i460i477i493i507i514i542i612i691i693i700i719i725i734i746i748i750i774i784i802i804i820i824i847i869i875i914i921i929i953i970i971i976i987i996i1010i1016i1054i1080i1098i1116i1117i1155i1168i1189i1197i1209i1223i1236i1262i1263i1264i1265i1266i1267i1274i1287i1297i1298i1313i1335i1417i1431i1453i1472i1478i1528i1535i1556i1578i1593i1631i1654i1660i1664i1672i1674i1682i1696i1698i1711i1715i1717i1723i1724i1742i1743i1748i1752i1754i1758i1760i1788i1816i1837i1877i1902i1956i1991i2011i

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