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Daily Events
Date Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E

Dungeon Technical Dungeons Drop% x1.5

4/20 744i Draggie!
321i 12:00pm 321i 09:00am 321i 07:30am 321i 10:30am 321i 01:30pm
617i 07:00pm 617i 04:00pm 617i 02:30pm 617i 05:30pm 617i 08:30pm
1245i Xuanzang Descended! 09:00am 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 11:00am 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 10:00am 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 07:00am 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 08:00am
1245i Xuanzang Descended! 02:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 04:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 03:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 12:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 01:00pm
1245i Xuanzang Descended! 07:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 09:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 08:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 05:00pm 1245i Xuanzang Descended! 06:00pm
4/21 810i Takeminakata Descended!
619i ??:?? 619i ??:?? 619i ??:?? 619i ??:?? 619i ??:??
618i ??:?? 618i ??:?? 618i ??:?? 618i ??:?? 618i ??:??
566i The Thief Descended! ??:?? 566i The Thief Descended! ??:?? 566i The Thief Descended! ??:?? 566i The Thief Descended! ??:?? 566i The Thief Descended! ??:??
Time PDT (UTC-7). The current time in PDT is .
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Current Events
Start End Event/Dungeon

4/6 00:00 4/20 00:00 1181i Blue Sprite
4/10 00:00 4/20 00:00 1215i Descended Challenge! 2
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4/13 00:00 4/20 00:00 181i King's Nobility (once only)
4/20 00:00 4/27 00:00 TAMADRAmazing! (once only)
4/10 04:00 4/20 04:00 1 MagicStone per day. Total 10 stones.
4/16 00:00 4/18 00:00 918i Ultimate God Rush!
4/17 00:00 4/18 00:00 1711i Zhao Yun Descended! 1327i
4/17 00:00 4/20 00:00 718i Watery Temptress
4/17 00:00 4/19 00:00 Medjedra Descended
4/18 00:00 4/19 00:00 596i Hera-Is Descended! 1328i
4/17 00:00 4/18 00:00 MonsterType05 Archdemon & Three Kingdom Series Godfest (Day 1)
4/18 00:00 4/19 00:00 MonsterType05 Archangels and Neo-Angels Series Godfest (Day 2)
1510i Ultimate Devil Rush!
4/19 00:00 4/20 00:00 1510i Mephisto Descended! 1329i
4/10 00:00 4/20 00:00 1176i Evo Materials at the Pal Egg Machine
5x +Egg Rate for Dungeon Technical Dungeons
2x King Dragon appearance rates and 1.5x 797i appearance rates:
254i 257i 260i 181i 178i
2x chance for GREAT or SUPER XP Gain
2x Skill Up rate
2x drops for daily dungeons
2x coins for Weekend Dungeon
1328i Spirit Jewels invade select Legendary and Mythical Dungeons.
Time PDT (UTC-7)

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