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Daily Events
Date Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E

916i Friday Dungeon

3/6 1327i Meimei invades descends!
1252i Zeus Vulcan Descended!
971i PADZ Collab
1701i 09:00 1701i 13:30 1701i 10:30 1701i 15:00 1701i 12:00
254i 617i 17:00 254i 617i 21:30 254i 617i 18:30 254i 617i 23:00 254i 617i 20:00
3/7 1328i Sakuya invades descends!
1250i Hera-Sowilo Descended!
645i Beelzebub Descended!
1520i GungHo Collaboration
971i PADZ Collab
000i ??:?? 000i ??:?? 000i ??:?? 000i ??:?? 000i ??:??
Time PST (UTC-8). The current time in PST is .
Current Events
Start End Event/Dungeon

2/23 00:00 3/9 00:00 1762i Blue Bowl Dragon
3/5 00:00 3/11 00:00 1825i BEAMS Collab 2 (One time only)
2/27 00:00 3/11 00:00 985i Descended Challenge!
3/2 00:00 3/8 00:00 1520i GungHo Collaboration
3/6 00:00 3/7 00:00 1252i Zeus Vulcan Descended! 1327i
3/6 00:00 3/10 00:00 971i PADZ Collab
3/7 00:00 3/8 00:00 1250i Hera-Sowilo Descended! 1328i
644i Beelzebub Descended! 1328i
3/8 00:00 3/9 00:00 596i Hera-Is Descended! 1329i
1223i Gaia Descended!
3/9 00:00 3/10 00:00 646i Satan Descended! 1325i
1462i1464i Thoth & Sopdet Descended! 1325i
3/10 00:00 3/11 00:00 650i Zeus-Dios Descended! 1326i
3/5 04:00 3/11 04:00 1 free MagicStone per day. Total 6 stones.
2/27 00:00 3/11 00:00 1176i Evo Materials at the Pal Egg Machine
5x +Egg Rate for Dungeon Technical Dungeons
2x King Dragon appearance rates and 1.5x 797i appearance rates:
254i 257i 260i 181i 178i
2x Skill Up rate
2x chance for GREAT or SUPER XP Gain
2x drops for daily dungeons
2x coins for Weekend Dungeon
1328i Spirit Jewels invade select Mythical and Legend Plus Dungeons.
Time PST (UTC-8)

Banner simDraw
RareMachine Midnight Gala
Begins Feb 27 00:00
Ends Mar 6 00:00
Increased rates for Dark monsters!

130i 140i 244i 376i
498i 575i 628i 753i
807i 1073i 1239i 1338i 1667i
387i 564i 982i 1358i
121i 205i 233i 302i 320i
361i 386i 563i 638i 1084i
1129i 1357i 1622i 1626i
087i 097i 109i 111i 120i
301i 360i 486i 1083i 1128i 1420i

PalMachine PAX East
Begins Feb 27 00:00
Ends Mar 11 00:00
evo... but why would you roll when mini 3k is up >_>

147i 148i 149i 150i 151i
171i 172i 173i 174i 175i
246i 247i 248i 249i 250i
321i 1176i 234i 1294i 1295i
227i 1085i 1086i 1087i
160i 251i 915i 916i 1474i
1325i 1326i 1327i 1328i 1329i

PalMachine Mini Three Kingdoms!
Begins Mar 4 00:00
Ends Mar 11 00:00

1821i 1823i
1811i 1813i 1815i 1817i 1819i

Time PST (UTC-8)

Coin-Purchased Dungeons
Biweekly Dragons

See "Biweekly Dungeon"

Survey Dungeons

See "Biweekly Dungeon"

Extreme Challenges

See "Limited Dungeon"

Rush Series

See "Limited Dungeon"

Alt Dungeons

See Coin Dungeons

Materials Dungeons
1176i Together at Last! Rare Evo Rush!
1228i TAMADRA Village
For others, see "Urgent Dungeon"
Biweekly Dungeon
Dungeon Dungeon Overview (Dragons!)

Insect Dragon

1591i 1592i 1593i 1594i 1595i

Dragon Princess

1361i 1362i 1363i 1364i 1365i

Flower Dragons

1166i 1167i 1168i 1169i 1170i

Pirate Dragons

974i 975i 976i 977i 978i

Artifact Dragons

782i 783i 784i 785i 786i

Samurai Dragons

540i 541i 542i 543i 544i

Ancient Dragons

441i 442i 443i 444i 445i


283i 284i 285i 286i 287i

Sky Dragons

216i 217i 218i 219i 220i

Legendary Dragons

142i 143i 144i 145i 146i

Dungeon Dungeon Overview (Biweekly)

Twitter Survey

103i 105i 109i 089i 099i
300i 718i 297i 1187i 901i

111i Lightless Devils' Nest
087i Breakers
016i Dark-Breaking Wings
208i Tower of Jewels

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