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The final boss is 145i Mechadragon Valhalla, who attacks every round with damage up to 5910. It's up to your team formation whether you want to stall it out or hit fast and hard.

Note that this is a Legendary Dragon, not an actually-useful Mechdragon. The dungeon's name can be a bit confusing.

Monster Data

No. 411
Cyberdragon Valhalla
L. Skill
Fair stats at max, but a late growth curve makes him an XP sink, especially with Light XP. Main Skill's power is decent, but cooldown is too long and tough to level up. The Leader Skill is helpful if you don't have another source of Light Resist.


Stamina 50 Money 23500-25300 (488/Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 12800-14100 (269/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

075i White Knight 5280 2 26100 270 075i Lv10
197i Harpie Devil 3600 1 19650 1400 197i Lv10
Rare 104i Mystic Light Knight 6660 3 76350 900 104i Lv10
5 032i Holy Dragon 3390 3 47250 450 030i Lv10
9 095i Angel×2 5730 2 166800 240 094i Lv10
10 145i Mechadragon Valhalla 5910 1 379650 930 145i Lv10


Stamina 25 Money 11500-12800 (486/Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 5980-6780 (255/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

053i Topaz Carbuncle 1882 2 5561 84 053i Lv6
075i White Knight 2444 2 12083 135 075i Lv5
197i Harpie Devil 1667 1 9097 700 197i Lv5
Rare 030i Lil' White Dragon 1530 2 15600 40 030i Lv10
104i Mystic Light Knight 6660 3 76350 900 104i Lv10
5 032i Holy Dragon 3390 3 47250 450 030i Lv10
9 094i Cupid×2 1080 2 13200 80 094i Lv10
095i Angel 2653 2 77222 120 094i Lv5
10 145i Mechadragon Valhalla 2736 1 175764 465 145i Lv5


Stamina 15 Money 3750-4120 (262/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 1980-2350 (144/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

030i Lil' White Dragon 792 2 10972 80 030i Lv5
053i Topaz Carbuncle 819 2 2419 42 053i Lv3
074i White Fighter 1140 3 4950 100 074i Lv10
197i Harpie Devil 893 1 4876 420 197i Lv3
5 145i Mechadragon Valhalla 1467 1 94209 279 145i Lv3
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