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You will receive log-in bonuses each day you play the game. There are two types of bonuses: Cumulative Log-in Bonus and Consecutive Log-in Bonus.

Cumulative Log-in Bonus

The Cumulative Log-in Bonus is the total number of days you've logged into the game. Each day you sign in to the game between the hours of 04:00 to 03:59 the next day (PST/PDT) will add to this count. This cumulative count will not reset if interrupted.

Days Bonus
11000 coins
2200 PAL points
32000 coins
4300 PAL points
53000 coins
6400 PAL points
74000 coins
8500 PAL points
95000 coins
103 Magic Stones
305 Magic Stones
605 Magic Stones
10010 Magic Stones
1505 Magic Stones
20010 Magic Stones
2505 Magic Stones
30010 Magic Stones
3505 Magic Stones
367309i x2
40010 Magic Stones
4505 Magic Stones
50010 Magic Stones

Consecutive Log-in Bonus

The timer resets if you don't log in for one day.

Days Bonus
150 coins
2100 coins, 20 PAL points
3150 coins, 30 PAL points
4200 coins, 50 PAL points
5250 coins, 100 PAL points
6300 coins, 150 PAL points
7500 coins, 200 PAL points
Any subsequent500 coins, 200 PAL points

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