Got a touch of the Spring Fever? A healthy dose of Puzzle & Dragons should be just what you need! If your friends haven't started playing yet, now's the time to convert them! This event lasts from Friday, April 12, 2013 to Sunday, April 21, 2013.

Magic StonesEdit

One free Magic Stone per day, for a total of 10. The stones are distributed around 4am PDT. The final Magic Stone may be distributed early on the 22nd


5x drop rate for + Eggs in the Technical Dungeons

2x King Metal/Jewel Dragon rates. Even SUPER King Dragons might show up!

Increased Rare Evo Material drop rates at the Pal Egg Machine including:


There are no special dungeons during this event.


2x drops/1.5x Coins for special daily Dungeons

2x Skill Up rate

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