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If you would still like to see the info on the old Team Composition page, it's here for a limited time.

Stuck on a dungeon? Not sure how to improve your team? This page will help new players understand the common team setups in the game.

Basic Teams

If you have any of the monsters in the recommended starter list in the New Players' Guide, you can start putting together one of these solid teams right away. Look at your starter's Leader Skill to determine which of these teams to aim for.

Advanced Teams

Most of the basic teams listed above need to stack up Awoken Skills in order to achieve their full potential. These teams are for advanced players who have built up their monsters with lots of 797i TAMADRAs.

Situational Teams

Sometimes, you can't brute-force a dungeon with your usual team, and will need to put some unconventional monsters to use.

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