This page will help new players understand the common team setups in the game. Only final evolutions of monsters are listed; lower-stage monsters may have differences.

Important: As the game updates and research increases, this article's opinions may change, so please take this page with a grain of salt.

Last updated:April 23, 2014
Game Version: 6.4.3

Basic Team TypesEdit

Mono-Color Team Norse, Greek, Indian Gods653i202i513i230i597i570i2/4/2x HP/ATK/RCV is currently very popular, and can sweep in many cases
Attrition/Grind Team Archangels, Snow Dome Dragons521i202i513i230i597i622i4x HP/RCV will keep you alive while you grind the enemy to death. Double Archangel Lucifers is the most popular due to their explosive Active Skills.
Double Resist Team 50% Resisters such as Porings, Toy Dragons, Roman Gods184i000i000i000i000i296iIn certain dungeons (such as Light Mechdragon), these relatively farmable teams can be used to pass difficult levels where 2 50% resist leaders reduce damage by 75%.
Odin Resist Team Odin + Autoheal988i000i000i000i000i363iOdin's 80% resist can keep you alive while you grind the enemy to death. High level autohealer to full heal continously. Can withstand boss attacks that can wipe even a 4x HP/RCV attrition team, but helpless against technical dungeons where multi-hits are the norm
Mono-Type Team Heartbreakers, Ultimate-Evolved Mystic Knights, etc.641i201i425i394i687i694iMore advanced than Mono-Color to build; 9x ATK can be further boosted to 27x with the appropriate King Slime
Sweeper/Spike Team Goemon Team, Chinese/Egyptian Team188i190i396i515i232i188iUsing extra-high attack power to overcome the enemy before they can kill you
Resolve Team Resolve + Autoheal313i552i552i552i552i202iA 100% farmable team for early difficult dungeons

Popular Advanced TeamsEdit

The most mainstream teams for targeting a 0-stone clear of Descended dungeons are all Sweeper Teams. These teams rely on subs with high base stats, with high-level, high-skill, and many +eggs on the team.

Leader Skills: High attack multipliers

Active Skills:

  • 0-3 Gravity users (e.g. 188i, 597i. These are less essential on very high multiplier 36x or higher teams)
  • 1-2 Menace users (e.g. 201i, 135i, preferably max skill. Note that certain dungeons pre-emptively quash Menace)
  • 0-3 Heart-to-Color Orb changers (e.g. 692i, 693i, especially on Egyptian and Chinese teams)
  • 0-1 Color-to-Heart Orb Changers (e.g. 241i, moreso on teams that need to maintain a certain HP threshold)
  • 0-1 Color-to-Color Orb Changers (e.g. 825i, mainly on Chinese teams)
Horus Team 491i597i396i241i201i491i 16x ATK. Downsides: x16 is minimal for newer Descended dungeons; Horus active skill underutilized
Ra Team 497i597i692i693i201i497i 36x ATK. Downsides: It's tough to match all 5 colors to activate 36x; not every board is Ra-capable
Zeus Team 917i232i201i694i135i917i Zeus's skills can reduce HP by 35% twice. Downsides: 12.25x ATK is somewhat lacking
Goemon Team 566i647i566i491i685i566i 25x ATK. Downsides: Subs need to have high skill levels, hard to maintain HP required for 25x, low RCV makes it hard to charge skills
Kirin Team 752i825i692i694i201i752i 25x ATK. Downsides: Not every board is Kirin-capable. It's tougher to match 4 specific colors.

Team TypesEdit

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