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Awoken Skills

The next Japanese P&D update will feature "Awoken Skills" for monsters, bringing a new level to gameplay! Awoken Skills are additional passive skills that can be added on to certain monsters, and will take effect regardless of whether the monster is a Leader or Sub. It's not yet known how to obtain Awoken Skills.

Current known Awoken Skills:

363i Awoken Odin
  • Gauge Boost - Reduce skill cooldown by 1 when entering a dungeon, can stack for +1 each
  • Paralyze Resist - Chance to resist bind, can be stacked to full resist
141i Tsuku Yomi
  • Dark Enhancement - Dark Orbs that drop may have a + Enhancement
  • Move Time Increase - Slight increase to time for moving orbs
480i Firedragon Grand Tyrannos
  • HP Boost - HP +100
  • ATK Boost - ATK +50
  • Gauge Boost

Awoken Skills are scheduled for release in September. We'll be bringing you up-to-date info as soon as they're available!

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