A few Awoken Skill types were announced today. How are they going to affect your strategies?

Bind recovery: Match a horizontal row of Hearts (6 Orbs) to reduce binds by 1 turn. Matching 2 separate rows will reduce by 2 turns.

Orb enhancement: Increased chance of enhanced (+) Orbs dropping (separate skill for each color)

Attribute enhancement (also separate skill for each color): Match a horizontal row of 6 attacking orbs to get ATK up for that color. Can stack for massive damage! (e.g. if all 6 team members have this skill, it'll activate 6 times for a single match)

2-way attack: Monsters with this skill will attack 2 enemies at once when matching 4 Orbs.

Jammer resist: A certain % chance to block the enemy's Jammer attack. If multiple team members have this skill, it can stack to 100% block!

Skill boost: As previously announced, all team members' Active Skill cooldowns are reduced by 1 when entering the dungeon. This also stacks so if you have 5 of these on your team, a max-skill Vampire can use his skill as soon as you enter the dungeon!

And as a reminder, we also know about these other types:

Paralyze resist: A certain % chance to resist binds, can be stacked to full immunity.

Move time increase: Slight increase to time for moving orbs

HP/ATK/RCV boost: +100 HP/+50 ATK/+30 RCV

It's hard to say how exactly these skills will affect your favorite monsters until we can find out a full list of who can get what. Awoken Skills are scheduled to release with JP version 6.0 sometime this month, so stay tuned and we'll bring you the latest info ASAP!

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