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New players often don't know which monsters from the Rare Egg Machine are useful, and which are not worth raising. This page will give an overview for the importance of various monsters, particularly their value as a starting roll. For more detailed info on a monster, please check the Guide on its individual page or look it up in Monster Guides.

Important: As the game updates and strategies evolve, this article's opinions may change, so please take this page with a grain of salt.

Last updated: July 20, 2014
Game Version: 6.5


  • The term "choosing" a monster refers to the 5 free Magic Stones used for a single Rare Egg Machine pull after completing the tutorial. This is a non-IAP player's best chance for picking a rare monster. If not satisfied, you can delete and reinstall the game to replay the tutorial. If you get a monster you aren't sure whether you like or not, keep playing through some beginner dungeons to save up 5 more stones and see how well you do on the second pull.
  • The advice and evaluations in this article are made based on players playing long-term for free. The comparisons and evaluations are based on the monsters' final evolution and skills. Some monsters may not have good stats early on, or not have very useful skills before evolution. These are hardships a player has to overcome.
  • If you are a repeat-IAP spender, some opinions in this article may not be suited for you.
  • "Overall rating" is not an average value based on the other stats. Rather, it's an evaluation of the monster as a starting pull based on how much it will help a newbie player, its long-term usability, and whether it can be acquired through other means.

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