1. New Evolutions

Added “King” versions to the slime series Monsters (#36-45)

  • King Flamie
  • King Bubblie
  • King Woodsie
  • King Shynee
  • King Baddie

Added new evolutions to the goblin series Monsters (#56-61)

  • Rowdy Red Samurai Goblin
  • Marine Spec Ops Goblin
  • Heavy Infantry Hobgoblin

Added new unique Monsters - to be introduced in future special event Dungeons.

2. Ultimate Fusions added for the orb-changing hero Monsters (#513-515):

  • Earth-rending Emperor Siegfried
  • Heroic Noble Wolf King, Cu Chulainn
  • Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie

3. Added Subtypes to the following Monsters:

  • War Deity Saint Minerva: Balance
  • Sea Deity Heaven Neptune: Physical
  • Fertility Deity Holy Ceres: Healer
  • Love Deity Cosmo Venus: Healer
  • Underlord Arch Hades: Devil

4. Adjusted the following Skills:

Odin/Awoken Odin #362-363 Gungnir now inflicts 50x Light Attribute damage to one enemy

Fixed an exploit involving the Change the World Skill

5. UI Changes:

  • You may now increase your Friend List to 200 slots
  • You may now edit and store up to 6 different teams
  • New sorting system makes it easier to view/organize your Monsters
  • You can view more detailed information by holding down on a Monster Card in a Dungeon
  • Added icons for Monster Types in the info screen
  • 4 in. iPhone screen support
  • Android Data Install option returned (note: required memory sized increased from 150 to 200 mb)

6. Re-localized Game Text For the sake of clarity and polish, much of the in-game text has been adjusted. These adjustments range from minor choices of wording to changes in game terminology. Notable examples are listed here:

  • All references to [Adept] have been changed to [Int.]
  • [Technique] type has been changed to [Balanced]
  • Polished tutorial text
  • Re-localized system messages
  • Mochuzuki Chiyome = Mochizuki Chiyome
  • To add boxes you now tap : [Increase Capacity]
  • [Evolve Fusion] is now [Evo Fusion]


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